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Grand classic parquetry flooring


Timber and parquetry flooring: time-honoured style under-foot

True style never passes out of fashion. France and Europe are renowned for quality workmanship and elegant modes. This holds as true for their time-honoured timber and parquetry flooring as it does for fashion. How magnificent then, that discerning Melbourne homes and venues can boast the same flooring craft.

Le Parqueteur has been resurrecting the grandeur of classic parquetry flooring for almost two decades. All across Melbourne. Be delighted by a browse through our online gallery of timber and parquetry flooring samples. Ask us about our comprehensive installation guarantee too.

Past splendours become present with exquisite parquetry flooring

Two of the greatest characteristics of enduring style is quality and longevity. This is why La Parqueteur integrates exquisite parquetry design with strong timber flooring to offer:

  1. Antique & classic parquetry flooring patterns
  2. Specialist hand colouring for lasting brilliance
  3. Traditional timber flooring designs & treatments
  4. Comprehensive installation with full workmanship guarantee

Le Parqueteur uses only the highest quality European Oak for timber flooring. We will even hand-make oak furniture and solid oak doors to order.

Pick your own timber or parquetry flooring

Choose from La Parqueteur’s magnificent range of parquetry and timber flooring designs. Or express your own creativity under-foot. We offer custom design and features, so you can express your own timber flooring inspirations. Or recreate those in other venues that have caught your eye.

Have beautiful timber flooring with classic parquetry features at your feet. Contact Le Parqueteur today. We’ll bring the flooring elegance of France and Europe into your Melbourne home or venue.

Unique Timber Flooring Pattern

Elegant Timber Flooring Design

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Services we offer:

Parquetry floor design and installation
Quality in crafted European oak flooring
Specialising in traditional designs and treatments
Custom design and features available
Hand colouring a specialty
Suppliers to trade and DIY
National service and distribution
We offer a comprehensive installation guarantee
We match modern industrial practices, such as milling, adhesion, and direct colouring with traditional design.

Products we sell:

Hardwood timber flooring, using antique and classic parquetry patterns

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