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Paal Grant Designs In Landscaping

Paal Grant Designs in Landscaping
Create a refuge of your own with Paal’s award winning landscape designs


A garden is a place to be lived in and enjoyed, an extension of the interior living space used for relaxation and renewal.” Paal Grant

Paal Grant is known for his creative, innovative and stylish landscape designs. Utilizing strong design principles he creates beautiful landscapes which are unique, stylish and practical. The ability to think outside the “box” stems from a background in fine arts and specialization in sculpture.


Eco Friendly Designs

Paal incorporates design features using contrasting colours, lines and shapes to create gardens with functional outdoor areas. Taking into consideration the Australian environment, Paal regularly uses drought tolerant species, highlighting the use of recycled timbers and found objects, that create an inviting and warm welcome into all the gardens he designs.

Paal Grant, Designs in Landscaping specialise in sculpture and  incorporates:
1. Weathered steel modular structures
2. Laser cut designs
3. Sculptures
4. Outdoor furniture
5. Recycled timbers
6. Water friendly plants

Paal’s personal touch is visible in every garden he designs or builds. All consultations are detailed and thorough ensuring every client’s requests are completely understood and the finished landscape exceeds all set expectations.  

A fully integrated Landscape Design Company for those who seek a unique sanctuary of their own

1. Landscape Design & Construction
2. Plant Selection
3. Outdoor Rooms
4. Planning Permits
5. Decorative Screens

Contact Paal to discover how you can create an oasis in your own backyard.


 Paal Grant

Gold Medal Display Garden - 2009 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

2010 - Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

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Services we offer:

Complete Landscape Design - Nationwide
Garden Construction – Local unless alternate arrangements have been made.
Planning Permits
Competitive Pricing 

Products we sell:

Recycle Timbers
Eco Friendly Plants
Laser Cut Designs
Decorative Screens
Outdoor Furniture



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