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Desired Landscapes

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Desired Landscapes

Design, build and care for gardens

Amazing landscapes from the ground up!

Make stepping outside your own door a grand experience every time. Your visitors will gasp and green-fingers will itch in excitement. A Desired Landscapes garden is one of Melbourne’s best talking points.

Desired Landscapes create much more than just a garden. They create eye-catching outdoor panoramas with fabulous functionality and features. Only the best materials are used. So only the best result is achieved.

Glorious garden design

A desirable landscape is firmly planted in great garden design. You won’t find ‘cookie cutter’ outdoor areas at Desirable Landscapes. But you will find:

  1. Functionality to suit your lifestyle 
  2. Design to transform your garden
  3. Superior construction materials
  4. Long-lasting landscapes
  5. Splendid planting layouts

Dream landscapes built before your eyes

When you want to an ‘extreme makeover’ to transform your outdoors, you know who to call in Melbourne. Desirable Landscapes will give your garden a fabulous ‘facelift’ that truly delights. And they do all the necessary groundwork to. From installation of water features to irrigation and water tanks.

Go on – create another outdoor oasis right outside your door! Contact Desirable Landscapes today to begin the transformation. You’ll never want to come indoors again.

Desired Landscape Work

Backyard Landscape

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Complete garden design service
Landscaping and construction
Project Management
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