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Central Coast NSW

Platinum Air

We care for your air

Domestic & commercial air conditioning … cool as platinum, warm as sunshine

Ever dreamt of breathing that refreshing Central Coast air right through your home and workplace? Have it now! Summer or winter, Platinum Air brings the natural freshness of outdoors right into your living or workplace.

Your air-conditioning comfort…our unwavering vision!

Home or office, we know your first priority is ‘comfort’, all year round. Why run from pillar to post looking for this comfort? Platinum Air is the one-stop solution to all your air-conditioning, insulation and ventilation needs.
See the comprehensive range of our domestic and commercial air-conditioning services, and then decide:

  1. Cost-efficient Insulation & Installation

  2. SolarVenti

  3. Preventative Maintenance

  4. Energy Efficient Homes Package

  5. Environment Friendly Ventilation

Save your environment, save your costs

In domestic air-conditioning, whether cooling or

heating, saving both your costs and your environment is our mission. Platinum Air makes good use of Australian Government's Energy Efficient Homes Package to save your precious dollars.

When it comes to Air-conditioning, take no chances! Contact Platinum Air … we guarantee environment friendly domestic & commercial air conditioning at costs you’d love.


Environment Friendly Ventilation

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Services we offer:

Commercial air conditioning
Domestic air conditioning
Air conditioning repairs
Air conditioning maintenance

Products we sell:

Air conditioning
Compressor units
Air conditioning systems

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