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Paramount Pest Control
Make pests and termites a thing of the past

Putting pests in their place, not yours!

Don’t play gracious host to uninvited guests! If pests and termites have decided to make your home their own, you have a call to make. Paramount Pest Control will turn these gatecrashers out – and keep them out. They will even regularly inspect your home to ensure no pests have sneaked in unnoticed.
Pests travel right throughout Melbourne so Paramount Pest Control does too. You can even get a quote online for their guaranteed service. So the only ones who have to leave your home are pesky household pests, like:

1. Insects
2. Termites
3. Rodents


Ta-ta to termites

Termites are the worst sort of housemates. Not only do they arrive uninvited. They destroy the place to boot!

Termite guests can destroy your home in 2-3 years. And with a lifespan of up to 15 years they’ll live to tell the tale. Don’t stand for that. Paramount Pest Control will terminate your termites - guaranteed.


Where pests have no business

They have no desire to work – but pests seem to love commercial premises. They put in long hours to create structural damage and unpleasant health risks. You can give pests their final marching orders with Paramount Pests.

When it comes to keep your home and commercial premises in great nick, pest control is Paramount! So make the call today and put pests in their place.



Make Pests & Termites A Thing Of The Past

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Services we offer:

Household pest control

Termite Eradication

Property Pest Inspections


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