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Pet Carriers International

Servicing all areas across Victoria, interstate and internationally.

Pet Carriers International
"First Class Care……All The Way!"

Pet Carriers International

When you want your pet to receive that extra special attention!Cuddles and pats are all part of our caring service!

When transporting your pets, you want less stress and peace of mind. Pet Carriers International can provide that with their 16 years experience, they will treat your loved one as member of the Pet Carrier family.


Domestic & International Pet Travel

When we travel we want to travel in comfort and it’s no different for our Pets. Pet Carriers vans are fitted with purpose designed air conditioning systems, IATA approved range of travelling kennels and fewest stop over’s as possible, letting your pet arrive in comfort and stress free.
Travelling internationally overseas is a breeze with Pet Carriers as they can take care of everything such as airline bookings, export documentation and Health Certificates from our Vet.

Services we offer:

1. Airline bookings
2. Export documentation / permits
3. Health Certificates from our Vet
4. Any required veterinary treatments

Pet Carriers are experts in transporting pets to the UK under the Pet Scheme, New Zealand, USA and Europe and along with other affiliate agents can also arrange for door to door transport anywhere in the world.

Importing pets

Pet Carriers International has a team specializing in importing Pets to Australia.  All animals entering Australia from the US, Canada, South America, Africa and Europe require an Import permit issued by Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). Pet Carriers will organize an Import Permit to Australia for you, to ensure your pet has a smooth entry to Australia


Travelling Kennels

Pet Carriers International provides high quality construction Wooden Travelling Kennels for international travel.
They are made to IATA (International Air Transport Association specifications) and come complete with a water container and funnel so your pet has access to water at all times. They have been designed to ensure your pets comfort and security during flight times and in transit.

If you plan on making more journeys with your pet, Pet Carriers also have a range of plastic air travelling kennels. These lightweight and easily portable pet carriers are ideal and have proven to be an extremely durable pet transport crate.

Your Pets Travel Agent!

Avoid the stress and complications that come with pet transportation on your next trip. Let the professionals in

Pet Carriers International make sure your little friend is in the best care possible.

Pet Carriers International

Pet Carriers International

Pet Carriers International

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Services we offer:

Domestic Door to Door Travel
• Air Conditional Vans
• Approved boarding kennel
• Approved cattery facilities 
• Direct Routes

International Pet Transportation
• Airline bookings
• Export documentation
• Health Certificates
• Veterinary treatments
• IATA Approved travelling kennels


1300 788 770

We are more than happy to hear from you!

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