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Riverland Removals

Adelaide, South Australia, and across Australia

Riverland Removals- for Australia-wide service that makes moving and storage easy

Riverland Removals help you go with the flow!

At last….you can move house the easy way. Australia-wide, movers are turning to Riverland Removals for an affordable full-package service. A great alternative to strained muscles, endless lists and sympathetic murmurs.

Our punctual, reliable removals draw on 32+ years in the business. We service everyone from the average home-mover to Police and government departments. So whatever challenges your move throws up, we can catch it…wrap it and deliver it unscathed!

Moving house is as easy as skipping stones with Riverland Removals

So much to do…so little time…..and truth be told, close to zero inclination. Removals are often the requisite ‘pain’ before you ‘gain’ a new abode. But Riverland Removals changes all that with our:

  1. Flawless furniture removals
  2. Expert packing & unpacking
  3. Supply of professional packaging materials
  4. Pristine cleaning service
  5. Secure storage

Riverland Removals works Australia-wide and even offers an after-hours service. So we are always there to make removals a smooth, seamless exercise. No matter where (or when) you’re moving.

Secure storage…for that little something extra Found yourself with a little ‘excess baggage’? Secure storage is the ultimate solution for those precious items that simply can’t fit in your new abode. Or who need temporary storage until you are ready to welcome them home. Riverland Removals offers a secure storage facility for as long as you need. We’ll even take care of all storage arrangements for you – one less thing to do!

So make a great move. Call Riverland Removals today for a seamless Australia- wide service that makes moving and storage easy.


Making Moving & Storage Easy

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Services we offer:

Stress free removals
Home or business
Packing, loading  & unpacking
Hourly rate option
Qualified & trained staff


Products we sell:

Tea Chests
Tape & dispensers
Cutting knives
Mattress & sofa covers

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