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Your Local Movers

Brisbane & surrounds

Your Local Movers
Stress Free Guarantee

Remove yourself from a load of hassle with Your Local Movers.
From the second you decide to relocate your home or business your local movers will have you talking to trained staff with the best advice.
We’ll tailor your move to be your best yet.

Professionally trained and qualified furniture movers

Let us take the stress out of moving with a professional furniture removal.
Having grown from a small Queensland business to one brimming with skilled professionals, Your Local Movers guarantee you first-class service.
With expert skills and knowledge our furniture movers have what it takes to make this your best move ever. Big or small, business or home service includes:

  1. Friendly and qualified consultants
  2. Stress-Free No damage guarantee
  3. Handyman service to set you back up as fast as we packed it up
  4. Provision of all required materials for a small cost


Stress–free Guarantee

Want to know how smooth and easy moving with Your Local Movers really is? Check our glowing testimonials for what others say about relocating a business or home with us.
Having grown our furniture relocation business from humble beginnings, we know our local community. You’ll find Your Local Movers committed to that strong bond and a service level our competitors aspire to.

Make your next move your best move with Your Local Movers … and enjoy the results.


Friendly & Qualified Consultants

Stress Free Guarantee

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Services we offer:

Stress free removals

Home or business

Packing, loading  & unpacking

Antique & other special items transport

Hourly rate option

Qualified & trained staff

Handyman service

Products we sell:



Tea Chests

Tape & dispensers

Cutting knives

Mattress & sofa covers


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