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Serving Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide

Aussie Handyman

Trusted handyman & building maintenance

Whose number do Australians keep handy when they want a seamlessly operating home or business? Aussie Handyman of course. We helpfully blend our handyman services with superior building maintenance. So your premises constantly looks and operates at its absolute best.

Just one phone call or a click on our website connects you with our expert handyman and building maintenance services. View our handiwork before calling us at our useful online gallery too.

House + handyman equals homemaker heaven

Ahhh home...that wonderful haven where memories are made, stress is relieved and loved ones gather. Your home is one of those landmark emotional and financial investments . So keep your 'castle' and all its amenities in great running order. All you need do is relax, enjoy and engage our helpful handyman services which include:

  1. Home improvements
  2. General household maintenance
  3. Furniture & kitset assembly
  4. Seamless indoor & outdoor installations

Our handyman will quickly and efficiently take care of all those household tasks you find challenging. Or simply lack the time to get around too. What could be more convenient!

Building maintenance to bring out the best

Your commericial premises has so many occassions on which to showcase its smooth operation and smart presentation. Our building maintenance ensures you never miss a beat with services including:

  1. Emergency & programmed maintenance
  2. Urgent & scheduled repairs 
  3. Refurbishments & fitouts
  4. Pristine cleaning

For exceptional handyman and building maintenance services that are as convenient as they are cost effective contact us. Aussie Handyman operates 24/7...for timeless good looks and operations.

Home Improvements

General Household Maintenance

Furniture & Kitset Assembly

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Services we offer

Household Maintenance like:



Pool surrounds

Door closers




Doors and locks

Smoke detectors

Gates and Fences

New windows

Problem solving, repairs and much more in Sydney

Further services we offer






Painting and decorating.


Leaking taps

Leaking toilets




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