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Here’s where you turn when you need a first-class paint job. The Compare Quotes Painting Directory lists quality painting contractors all over Australia. So whether you just need one wall, the whole house or a block of flats, you’ll find a suitable Painter Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, right here.

You may find there’s more to a quality Painting contractor that you expect. Many services offer extras like colour consultation, specialty finishes and interior decoration advice. So your Painting service can deliver a whole new look!

To use the directory, simply ensure Painting is selected then click on your location. It couldn’t be easier and you’ll quickly have a list of dependable local Painting contractors


You’ll notice our Painter listings include helpful info icons. That way, you can quickly tell things like whether the Painting service has email or a website. Premium listings also include a more info page plus an instant call function that will have you chatting with a Painting contractor almost immediately!

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