TITLE: Choosing Flooring for the Office METATAGS: choosing floor coverings, types of flooring, office carpets, office timber floors, vinyl for office, quotes on office flooring IMAGE: office floor small.jpg get quotes on office floors Choosing flooring for the office When choosing flooring for your office consider what use each area has, and whether you need a hard, resilient or soft surface underfoot. Will it need to be hardwearing? How easy should it be to maintain? Your choices for office floors will also depend on the decoration budget, the size of each floor space, and the image you are conveying to your clients. Foyer or reception area This area is where the client gets their first impression of your business. Flooring in this area can be expansive and impressive or warm and welcoming. * Hard floors: For impressive hard floors choose marble (link to marble and stone article), stone (link to marble and stone article), or polished concrete (link to concrete article), which, while dramatic, can be easily cleaned and maintained. * Timber Floors: Polished floorboards (link to polished floorboards article) are low key and welcoming, while a business emphasising all-fashioned values might make its point with a section of parquetry (link to parquetry article). * Resilient surfaces such as vinyl (link to resilient surfaces article), linoleum, (link to resilient surfaces) or cork (link to cork article) can stand out in the foyer with strong colours and striking patterns. Board rooms and managerial offices Choose a neutral toned carpet (link to carpet article) in wool or a synthetic/wool blend in a cable Saxony style that looks good but can take the wear. Open-plan floors and cubicles A hard wearing neutral toned nylon carpet (link to carpet article) in a loop or Saxony style is a good choice. Other options are vinyl tiles or sheeting(link to resilient surfaces article), and cork tiles or sheeting (link to cork article) Utility Areas For areas such as filing rooms, photocopier and printer areas, where the look of the floor is not so important, but durability is, polypropylene carpets (link to carpet article) are relatively inexpensive and are long wearing. Alternatively, choose resilient flooring (link to resilient surfaces article) such as vinyl, which is easy to clean and maintain. Kitchen and bathrooms To avoid workplace accidents and for ease of cleaning in areas where water and food and drink will be spilled, choose vinyl (link to resilient surfaces article) or tiles (link to tile floor article) Looking for a flooring contractor? Get the best quote here! (http://www.comparequotes.net.au/Directory/flooring- start-page)