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Vehicle freight: kind on your car & your pockets

Let's face it ... we all love to save a bob or two. And perhaps car shipping is the most money you'll ever save on your vehicle. Our trusty cars usually cost us each time we turn key in ignition. But when moving your car interstate or any great distance, it is easy to eliminate cost.

A vehicle freighted is a cost shared

DIY vehicle freight means not only moving your car yourself ... you also wear the full cost. How great then to be able to share those costs with others. By professionally shipping your car, you can do just that. Because your car is transported together with several others, the cost is spread amongst all car owners. You don't have to foot the bill on your own. Plus these lower shipping rates save you even more as your car will incur no:

  1. Fuel costs
  2. Wear & tear
  3. Additional maintenance needs
  4. Damage during transit
Save money shipping with vehicle freight

Instead, your wheels will arrive at your new destination without having touched the road. Vehicle transport means your car is handled by experts from door-to-door. And because shipping is carried out by a customised fleet, damage is extremely unlikely.

Choose shipping: choose savings

Ever heard the saying time is money? Anyone moving an item, be it a car or an entire household will agree. The quicker and easier the job, the less you pay. And shipping your vehicle is a quick, easy job!

You can have a selection of quotes from quality tested vehicle freighters within minutes. Just use Auto Move instant online quotes facility. You can select your desired service level in line with your budget. So you are always comparing apples with apples. With a fully itemised quote, you can choose the service package that best suits your pocket and needs.

Shipping your car with professional vehicle freighters also lets you save:

  1. Insurance costs
  2. No-claims bonus as you won't be having a bingle
  3. Accommodation due to long-haul travel

If it's savings you want, get professional vehicle freighters shipping your car. It's a marvelously moving experience.

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