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Car transport FAQ

We’ve put together a selection of commonly asked questions to help you find quick, clear answers about car transportation.

Will my vehicle be driven?
Yes. The transport driver will drive your car on and off the truck or freight vehicle. Note odometer readings at pick-up and delivery. You can query any discrepancies upon delivery.
How do I prepare my car for pickup?
It’s easy yet vital to prepare your car for transportation. Check out our car transport checklist and car transport tips pages for more information.
Can I store items in the vehicle?
Car transportation companies are not insured for household goods. It’s best to keep your car empty during transportation to ensure a safe, damage-free move.
Can I specify exact pick-up/delivery times for my car?
Many car transportation companies will pick-up and deliver to specific times. Discuss this with your freighter as early as possible.
Can my vehicle be temporarily stored somewhere?
If you are moving prior to your car being picked up, many transportation companies will arrange a car storage terminal on your behalf. There may be an extra charge for this service.
Do I have to be present when you pickup and deliver my vehicle?
Yes. You or a designated representative must sign a signed release form upon pick-up and an acceptance form upon delivery.
How long does car transport take?
This depends on the distance between pickup and delivery destinations. Discuss timeframes with your chosen freighter.
What is Door-to-Door service?
This means your transport driver will get as close to your home or nominated pickup point as they can safely and legally get. Transport trucks are large and require plenty of room to manoeuvre. If access to your home is restricted in any way, consider a more appropriate pick-up or delivery point nearby.
Is my vehicle covered by insurance?
Always check with your car freight company and your own car insurer to be certain about your insurance coverage, excess and claim procedure.
What do I do if my vehicle is damaged?
In the unlikely event that damage is discovered, notify your freighter immediately. A post-delivery inspection will be conducted and all damage claims should be noted at this point.
How can I check on the status of my car?
Contact the dispatch office of your chosen freighter. The dispatcher should track your vehicle and provide you with updates if requested.
For more, see our car transport Tips, car transport Checklist and car transport Articles.  Or simply start comparing quotes.

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