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Moving cars depot to depot or door to door

You’re ready to have your vehicle transported but now you need to decide what’s best for you. A depot to depot service or a door to door.  What are your options?

Where are all the vehicle transport depots?

Location need not be a problem.  There are numerous vehicle transport depots around Australia where you can safely leave your car prior to transportation. Dropping your vehicle at a depot to be delivered to another depot will always be the cheapest option.  And it's certainly very popular with vehicle transport customers.

Vehicle Transport Depot 

Your vehicle transport needs

However individual circumstances vary.  In many cases it’s impossible for you to be around when your car is transported from depot to depot.

Door to door vehicle transport

If a depot service doesn't suit, you can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up from home or another location. This is referred to as a pickup from your door.

Other pickup and delivery options

You may also choose to have your vehicle transported from a depot to your door.  Or from your door to a depot.
Vehicle transport charges will be calculated on the options you chose.

Pick up and delivery location

It’s important to remember that along with the added cost of door to door services, urban areas are more accessible for pick up and delivery. Rural areas produce difficulties for car transport vehicles and their drivers.  Narrow unmade roads, poor weather etc can limit vehicle transport access.

Vehicle transport drivers are also required to avoid roads with overhanging trees, as branches could damage your vehicle during transport.

For your vehicle’s safety, the driver may choose a parking lot, or other safe area.  This will be as close as possible to your residence and allow the driver to safely load, or unload your vehicle. Remember, at the vehicle transport driver’s discretion where they will drive.  That's because the driver is ultimately responsible for both the safety of the transport vehicle as well as the vehicles in transit.

For more, see our car transport FAQ, car transport Tips, car transport Checklist and other car transport Articles.  Or simply start comparing quotes.

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