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Transporting Hot Rods

With all the hard work and dedication you put into maintaining your hot rod or collectable car, you don't want to risk anything going wrong when you move it. So when it's time to shift your street machine, you should always entrust a fully qualified car transporter to do the job.


Car transporters respect your roadster

Unique cars have unique requirements. Any damage will cost more to repair than a regular car, so you want to make sure that your prized possession is protected from the elements both inside and out.

A qualified car freighter understands this and will treat your car like the work of art that it is. Professional vehicle movers can offer specialised services for your hot rod, including fully enclosed transport, insurance cover, door-to-door delivery and a controlled environment throughout the trip.

Transporting Hot Rods

Burn rubber, not money

You wouldn't let any old removalist shift a priceless Picasso, so don't give your collectable vehicle to an amateur operation.

Ask your friends or local hot rod club for recommendations, and be sure to thoroughly research your car transport company before committing. Ask them about their experience handling classic cars, and for client references or testimonials. Make sure you fully understand their insurance policy, and that you will be covered in case of accidental damage.

Ask for an itemised quote as early as possible, to ensure you don't get burned by any hidden costs.

Carefully complete a condition report for your car before handing it over to the movers. Take a few photographs of the inside and outside of your vehicle so there can't be any debate about where any damage came from.

Moving your hot rod doesn't have to be a drag. Compare quotes on professional car transport to get the best deal on safely relocating your road machine.

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