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Transporting Jet Skis

Vehicle transporters don't just move cars! Most of them are happy to take motorbikes, boats, caravans, and yes - even jet skis. Here's the lowdown on shifting your personal watercraft from coast to coast.

Trailer or no trailer?

Vehicle freighters prefer it if your jet ski is secured on its trailer for shipping. This has an advantage for you as well - you get to move the trailer for free!

If you don't have a trailer, talk to your freight company about how they can ship your jet ski. Ideally, it will be suspended and secured by straps to prevent any scraping or damage to the hull during transit.

Transporting Jet Skis

Cover yourself

Put a cover over your jet ski to protect it from the elements during shipping.

Talk to your carrier about their insurance policy, and make sure the jet ski is insured for its full value in case of damage.

Fill out the condition report carefully, and take photos of the hull, top and bottom of the craft so you can prove any damage.

Depot-to-depot or dock-to-dock

You can save a lot of money by getting your ski out of the water and taking it to the transport depot yourself.

Otherwise, the jet ski can generally be picked up and dropped off at the marina or your home. If you aren't transporting your trailer, then make sure there's one at the destination address to put the jet ski down on.

Accessorise carefully

Remove any helmets or accessories from the jet ski's storage space before shipping. Loose objects can move around during shipping and cause damage to your jet ski or other vehicles.

Ask around

Compare quotes from a few vehicle freight companies before committing. Jet ski transport is a niche market, so prices, and quality, can vary wildly.

Get your jet ski zooming across the country with one of our professional vehicle transport companies .

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