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Tips for carpeting a bathroom

While stepping out onto soft, warm carpet after a luxurious bath in winter certainly adds to the bathing experience, carpeting bathrooms is not common and can increase maintenance in your home.

It may also prevent slipping accidents, but there are downsides, like water damage and the highly likely mould and mildew that will surface, both of which are health risks and need to be considered.

There are ways to minimise such possible complications, but you'll need to be aware of the risks to your carpet and the likely additional maintenance required.

First steps

Before you consider carpeting your bathroom, the essential place to start is to check the status of the subfloor.

While you can always pull up carpet if there's a major issue, it's a larger job to replace rotting floor boards and re-carpet!

If there's an option to do so, you can install a concrete subfloor, otherwise place concrete backer boarder over the existing floor, then install the carpet.

Moisture resistant pads can then be installed under the carpet to protect the subfloor.

carpet bathroom

What type of carpet?

The choice in appropriate carpets for a bathroom is limited to thin pile carpets, which retain less water.

A nylon carpet, also resistant to stains and mildew, is generally the recommended suggestion and is available with built in mildew and mould resistant backing for further protection.

Further investments to protect your carpet could include a wet-vac to clean excess water, or simply placing a water retardant bathmat over the carpet, a basic first step in preventing water damage.

In considering whether to carpet your bathroom, also consider whether it can be done , or if you need to compare quotes ffrom carpeting professionals in your area.

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