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Carpeting over concrete floors

A concrete floor or basement can be given a new feeling of comfort and homeliness by having a carpeted floor.

If the effect is done well, you can add value to your property and give new life to an under-used garage or uninviting basement.

A few key tools

You will require an electric screw-driver, concrete screws, water proof sheets, plywood, a concrete sealant, tackless strips, carpet underlay and, of course, carpet.

carpet concrete

What carpet should I purchase?

A key consideration in what carpet to purchase, is to think about what the renewed space will be used for. (link to Which Type of Carpet to Choose.)

You should purchase the best carpet and underlay you can afford but that has the most relevance to the space.

If you're creating a cosy TV room for the kids, go for a carpet that's easy to care for, such as berber. Use a supportive underlay, which will help insulate the room.

The process, step by step

If you're embarking on a spot of DIY carpet laying, thoroughly clean and treat the floor, using a waterproof paint or sealant, so the concrete doesn't crack through moisture

Place waterproofing sheets onto the concrete, taping over any seams in the sheet and choosing a dimpled sheet to allow air to be trapped, that will then act as a buffer to the moisture.

Place a sheet of plywood over the waterproofing sheet and using concrete screws, attach the plywood to the floor.

Place carpet padding over the top. The thickness of the padding will be dependent on how you're using the room and how moist it gets.

Nail the tackless strips down the edges of the room and then, having cut and prepared the carpet place the carpet on the padding, ensuring the carpet and tackles strips are securely attached.

You now have a new space in your home. Enjoy!

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