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Carpeting irregularly shaped rooms

Irregularly shaped rooms, funnily enough, are common in most homes.

Rather than seeing them as an aberration in the overall design, make them a feature of the property.

Patterned carpets

For the best overall result, it's advised to avoid patterned carpets when carpeting irregularly shaped rooms.

Matching seams, particularly if you're doing it yourself, are tricky in a regularly shaped room. but even more so when there are various pieces of carpet to fit into an odd shape, and match the pattern too.

irregular carpet

Making additional allowances

Irregularly shaped rooms will always add to the quantity of carpet required, because you need to create offcuts. To get an idea of the cost, break the space up into measurable areas first.

Find the room measurement in square metres, then multiply the result by the carpet price. Add an additional 10% to account for any waste from seaming.

This is a rough estimate of the cost of installation, from which you can then decide whether to invest further in a high quality carpet!

Get a professional opinion, as a mistake could be costly. Many carpet retailers and will offer a free measure and quote ' make the most of the offer and ensure your planned investment is on the right track, purchasing the best carpet you can afford.

Carpet squares

You may wish to consider carpet squares or tiles. This is an easy solution in terms of installation, and they may just be the perfect fit for your room.

If it's a space where the kids play or there's a lot of activity, carpet squares or tiles are perfect, as they're easily removed for cleaning, or replaced when worn through.

This solution is slightly more expensive than carpet rolls, however the convenience in their installation with adhesive strips holding the squares in place, means a great flexibility and little worry in their maintenance.

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