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Carpet Checklist

Our checklist will be handy when you’re ready to buy and install new carpet for your home or workplace.

Before you buy

  1. Define your personal needs and lifestyle, as well as any planned changes.
  2. Consider the desired ‘look’ your new carpet should achieve
  3. List existing lighting, décor and furnishings your carpet will complement
  4. Decide whether pets and children will be using the carpeted area
  5. Investigate your floor and subfloor type
  6. Think about whether your carpet should offer sound insulation

Purchasing carpet

  1. Ask a professional supplier which carpet type best suits your needs.
  2. Explore the differences are between carpet types, including:
  3. Colour or design
  4. Fibre type
  5. Brand and price
  6. Size or width
  7. Check about carpet life expectancy and warranty.
  8. Research the carpet manufacturer, including:
  9. Years in the business
  10. Sales and customer support
  11. Reputation
  12. Ask if your carpet supplier will have stock available when you need it.
  13. Check ordering, stock-arrival and installation time-frames
  14. Select the carpet style that most fits your needs.  This will achieve the appearance, texture and ‘feel’ you desire.
  15. Clarify any minimum order, returns policy and whether this incurs fees or penalties.
  16. Arrange delivery and confirm any preparations you need to make for this

Carpet Care

  1. Obtain written carpet care instructions to ensure your warranty is not voided.
  2. Consider cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Identify high traffic areas and lay rugs/mats to protect from wear
  4. Act immediately to:
  5. Clean up spills
  6. Repair loose threads or tears
  7. Always test stain removers on an inconspicuous carpet area first
  8. Vacuum regularly
  9. Engage a professional carpet-cleaner annually.
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