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Here’s a collection of commonly asked questions that will help you find quick, clear answers about choosing and purchasing carpet.

What kind of carpet would best suit my home?
Choosing the right carpet depends on both your lifestyle and budget.  Consider factors such as pets, children, foot traffic and value.  Your carpet should lend comfort, be durable and blend well aesthetically.
Help ... my new carpet is shedding!
Many carpets retain loose fibres that frequently appear as balls of fluff on the surface or in your vacuum cleaner.  Don’t panic or over-clean, the shedding will stop with time.
How can I get rid of that new carpet smell?
Keep your newly carpeted area clean and well-ventilated.  The new carpet smell is harmless and will usually disappear within seven days.
Can I modify extra-long carpet tufts?
Never pull these out because you may permanently damage your carpet.  Any stray long carpet yarn can simply be snipped level with the carpet surface.
How often should I vacuum?
Your carpet should be vacuumed once or twice a week.  This adds life to your carpet by removing dirt and grime that can cause more rapid wear.  Take care not to over-vacuum new carpet.
How can I get rid of static?
Static is caused by low room humidity.  This causes a static charge to build up with foot traffic over your carpet.  Try a humidifier if constant becomes a problem.
Can I remove indentations?
Heavy foot traffic and furniture can compress your carpet pile.  Rotating furniture can help.  Another method is to carefully pass a hot steam iron over indentations.  To avoid carpet damage, keep the iron four inches above the carpet surface.
How often should I have my carpet professionally cleaned?
This depends on use and traffic, but as a rule of thumb, every 3 to 12 months.  High traffic areas benefit from 6-monthly professional cleaning.  The number of family members, pets and children in your home can also impact on required frequency.
How soon can I walk on carpet after it’s been professionally cleaned?
Usually straight away, but it is recommended you allow some time for carpet to dry.  Wear clean shoes, socks or slippers to prevent dirt and oil transfer onto your clean carpet.
How long does a professionally cleaned carpet take to dry?
Approximately 4 to 8 hours, though you can reduce drying time with ample ventilation and air supply.
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