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Get the best out of your carpet with these handy hints on buying, laying and caring for your new floor coverings.

  1. Carpet is a major long term investment, so research your investment carefully from the start.
  2. Consider your needs and lifestyle before seeking advice from several professionals.
  3. Lighter coloured carpets add spaciousness to a room, leaving you the option to use darker paints for feature walls and other décor
  4. Dark colour carpets make a room feel smaller, so keep the rest of your décor light and fresh
  5. Ask about carpet construction, fibre, weight and density.
  6. For best results, choose the highest quality carpet your budget will allow.
  7. Always use a high quality carpet underlay.
  8. A professional carpet layer will make the best job of installing your new carpet.
  9. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner with enough suction to remove all ground-in dirt, not just surface debris.
  10. To prolong your carpet life, vacuum once or twice a week.  Use a crevice tool to clean around baseboards.
  11. Vacuum heavy traffic areas using a crisscross pattern of vacuum strokes.
  12. Have all carpet professionally steam cleaned at least annually. High traffic areas will benefit from more frequent steam cleaning.
  13. Make a rule to remove all shoes at the front door
  14. Use mats or runners in high traffic areas to protect your carpet and add creativity to your décor.
  15. A dash of baking soda in your vacuum cleaner bag fights odors.
  16. Add soil retardants to new or freshly cleaned carpets, always following manufacturers' advice
  17. Spot clean all spills immediately, scraping off excess carefully and blot using white paper towel.
  18. Never rub or scrub your carpet as this can cause permanent damage.
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