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What's the right colour for your new carpet?

If you're moving into a new home or just renovating, selecting the colour of carpet will influence your choice of a whole range of other design elements; paint, furniture - even cups and saucers.

No matter if it's an old apartment in need of a lift or a brand new sprawling property, the right decision will add a great style to your home. Whatever the style - bold, or subdued, it will make the place 'yours'.

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How do I consider colours properly?

Go to as many showrooms and furniture stores as you can. When visiting friends, sit in the room, observe and see how the choice in carpet colour impacts the feeling of the space.

How does it enhance the room? Does it make you feel energized, or mellow?

You want to enjoy the process in making these decisions ' as busy as life is, try to allow as much time as you need in such decisions. The pay-off will be worth it!

Collect samples

The best way to make the decision is to choose a few possible colours that you respond to. It's easier working from a shortlist than and endless one!

Borrow shop samples to bring home and consider in various lighting states.

Contrast or consistency?

If you're considering more than one colour for your home, think about how the eye will move through the rooms and whether you may prefer to have one mutual colour throughout.

A solid, neutral colour will go with most interior furnishings and allow room for artwork to be a feature. It all depends on the colour of the walls and the overall mood you wish to create in this space.

If there is more than one person making the decision, be patient.

A 'fair' warning

It's highly likely that the shade will vary slightly once the carpet arrives, so be prepared to be flexible!

Most of all, have fun in making this design decision. It will make a great impact on the ambience of the room that greets you when you open the door after a long day.

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