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Choosing a carpeting contractor

Whoever you're considering as your carpeting contractor, it's important to make a good choice, as they'll be transforming the space with you.

Where to find them?

No matter where you source your potential contractors, you should ask for three references, no older than 6 months each, and a copy of their insurance policy, to ensure you're covered against any mishaps or errors of judgment.

Go for a specialist - many contractors are experienced across a range of skills. Try to focus on someone who's solely interested in this carpet installation.

When assessing who's ultimately right for you, make sure you can reach them easily by phone and that they return calls.

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Get an estimate

Get a variety of quotes, ensuring each contractor is bidding under the same terms - don't feel obliged to take the first interested contractor!

An estimator attached to the carpet retailer, or the contractor himself, will professionally measure the floors and assess whether a new sub-floor is required dependent on the state of the existing floor.

They'll also confirm the amount of carpet required and how to best lay it to ensure waste is minimized, that the seams are well-placed and the carpet patterns match. You'll then have a plan for reference for the day of installation.

Why is the right contractor so important?

The life of a carpet can be best gauged by how the carpet was initially laid. If there are problems with the laying, bumps and ridges can easily form, creating an ugly floor, an accident zone and causing unnecessary wear and tear.

The contract

Prior to the contractor commencing, sign a side document or schedule to include all the terms agreed to and the cost of any other work being performed.

Don't rely on a verbal agreement or a casual chat about any changes to the job. Have it all included in the contract so you are protected.

Want to start looking for a carpet contractor today? Start by comparing quotes online.

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