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Tips for laying your own carpet

With something as simple as laying new carpet, you can bring new life and inspiration to your home.

Depending on the size of the job and the layout of the rooms, you can, by following this simple procedure, manage the project yourself.

Remove the old carpet

Vacuum the old carpet to remove dust, taking any doors off entrances for later access. Remove floor moldings and cut the carpet into broad strips, rolling the carpet off the tackless strips.

Prepare the floor

Remove the tackless strips and thoroughly clean the floor, nailing down any loose floorboards.

Beware heating ducts and avoid nailing into them. To be sure they're there, wet the floor and see which area dries first.

laying carpet


Install the strips around the perimeter of the room, ensuring half an inch is left between the walls and strips.

Butt the carpet strips against each other, stapling the underlay along the inside of edge of the tackless strip. Trim the excess, and using duct tape, seal the seams.

Cutting the carpet and seams

Practice your cutting technique on the old carpet, prior to installing the new piece, otherwise a slip of the knife will be expensive!

Allow an extra 100-150mm'in each direction for safety. If seams can't be avoided because the room is too wide, make sure the pile faces in the one direction and there's enough to overlap the first piece by 4 to 6 inches.

Use seaming tape with the adhesive side up, on the floor underneath where the pieces join, iron the tape with a seaming iron to activate the adhesive. Use a rolling pin to seal the seam.

Attaching the carpet

Both a knee kicker and carpet stretcher are required for the final stage, to attach the carpet at one edge and stretch it over the tackless strips to the far wall. To tidy up, trim the edges and tuck the carpet down into the gap between the strips and the wall, trimming the carpet at the doorways.

It's time to move in the furniture!

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