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A 'pile' of choices - choosing your carpet

Carpets come in a wide range of styles and finishes.

Choosing the right colour is the second part of the process that starts with the choice of style, weave and texture.

A range of materials

Nylon carpet is the most popular, given its lower cost and its ability to hide wear and stains.

Wool carpet is oddly the most durable, yet also the softest carpet. While not ideal for young children as it's more difficult to clean, it's a wonderful product to walk on.

Olefin, polyester and acrylic are some other options for specific spaces.

choosing carpet

Some styles -


The most common carpet in Australia is the Berber, which is essentially any carpet with loops.

The Level Loop pile is made of uncut level loops of the same height, and as it's less likely to crush, it's easy to maintain and perfect for high wear areas like stairs.

With different level loop heights, Multi level loop pile carpets are fantastic in allowing wonderful modern designs. When considering any loop carpets, the tighter the loop, the better the wear.

Cut Piles

Australian homes often feature Cut Pile carpets, which come in a variety of styles, including velvet plush, beautiful to walk on and found in master bedrooms, yet a product which shows every bit of movement.

The cable cut pile, with an even softer feel and without the foot imprint of the softer carpet; or the textured cut pile, found in most apartments.

Other varieties

One of the most durable carpets of all is Frieze carpet, designed so that the carpet fibre bends in such a way that you walk on the side of the fiber itself.

In this way, vacuum marks and footprints are hidden. While perfect for a busy room, its textured appearance can make it less popular.

In the end, choose the best quality carpet you can for your budget, in a make that suit the room itself, and can handle the traffic you'll get through the room.

If you need professional advice on choice, compare quotes from carpet professionals in your area today,

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