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How to steam clean carpet

A combination of steam and extremely high water temperatures, steam cleaning provides the perfect means of extracting dirt and mould from your carpets, and reviving the carpet pile.

With so many allergy and asthma suffers in our communities, it's a vital investment for keeping those who visit and reside in your property healthy and comfortable.

How much does professional steam cleaning cost?

There are a variety of companies and contractors who'll offer competitive quotes on steam cleaning services. Obviously, most prices are offered per room or by area, so you'll pay more for a larger property.

steam cleaning

Some contractors will provide you a complimentary steam cleaning in one room, if your business with them may be substantial enough.

Range of machines for DIY

It's possible to hire steam cleaners from large supermarkets and hardware stores.

Alternately, you can purchase your own dry steamer, which will clean virtually any area, or a vapour cleaning machine, which requires no cleaning solutions and is extremely efficient.

Less expensive and easier on your back, you can walk a professional dry steamer through your home. Most stains will be removed by this smaller type of model.

Some long-term stains just can't be removed but a good steam-clean is the best way of knowing you've tried the most effective method. In this instance, carpet replacement will be your only option.

Keep vacuuming!

Although steam cleaning is an excellent investment, it will be an even greater one if you vacuum your carpets weekly, drawing up as much dirt and dust as possible, and at the same time creating more resistance to stains.

A steam clean will then have even more success in protecting your carpets, creating that 'just like new' look.

How often should you steam-clean?

Ideally, you should steam clean your entire property at least once every two years.

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