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Choosing the right fence material

There's an almost endless range of natural and artificial fence materials on the market these days. Pet containment, security, privacy, ornamental value and plant support are just some of the things to need to take into account when choosing the right fence material for your property.

Wooden fences

Wood fences are very common in Australia because they look great, are easy to install and are relatively cheap, although the final cost of will depend on the type of wood used.

Wooden fences are quite sturdy but need ongoing maintenance to keep them in top condition.

choosing the right material

Brick and stone fences

Brick and stone fences have a higher upfront cost than wood, but last much longer and are extremely secure. Adding sheet metal, timber or a stone veneer to a brick fence will make it look less plain.

Steel fences

Steel and wrought iron fences are attractive, extremely strong and perfect for the security conscious, as they can be made without foot or hand holds.

Steel fences aren't always suitable for swimming pools or coastal areas as they are prone to rust.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl can be manipulated to look like wrought iron, wooden pickets or many other materials. It's extremely easy to install and requires almost no maintenance, but is quite expensive.

Glass fences

Glass is ideal for swimming pools and balconies when you don't want a fence blocking your view. The panels can be left frameless for a completely transparent look, or combined with attractive metal or wood posts.

Composite fences

This eco-friendly fence looks like wood but is actually made out of composite plastic. The composite materials can be expensive, but are very durable and don't require the continual maintenance of real wood.

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