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Choosing the Right Gate

The gates to your property need just as much consideration as your fences.

It's important to choose the right gate for your security needs. Your gate is the first thing people will see when entering your property, so you need to pick one that matches the overall aesthetic of your home. There are a lot of gate options available, so talk to a professional fencing contractor  to choose the right one for your home. 

picket fence gate 

Gate styles

It's important to pick a gate style that matches the rest of your fencing. Most fence manufacturers incorporate gates into their design range. Some of the more popular gate types are:

  1. Estate style gates
  2. Motorised gates
  3. Wrought iron gates
  4. Safety gates

Gate materials

Gates are constructed out of a variety of materials, and it's not unusual to have a gate made from a different material to the fence. Brick and stone fences often have a metal gate, but a wooden gate can look just as good.

Estate style gates

These large, usually wooden, gates are great for rural properties or larger urban houses where you desire a grand entry.

Motorised gates

Automatic driveway gates increase your property's security. They open and close via a remote control operated safely from inside your car. These gates can be either traditional swing gates or sliding gates and can be made from wood or metal depending on your needs.

Wrought iron gates

Attractive, strong and secure, wrought iron gates are perfect for large secure entrances, or small decorative garden gates. Installing a wrought iron gate is a simple way to add a touch of classic elegance to your property.

Safety gates

If you have small children, a safety gate is a must. These have a foot pedal or high pull-lever that are simple for adults to operate, but impossible for kids. They can be used around the pool or as a general entrance gate.

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