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Fencing for Dog Owners

It's important to choose the right fence to keep your dog, and your neighbourhood, safe and happy.

While there's no substitute for the advice of a professional fence contractor here are some tips for keeping Fido fenced in. 

Choose the right fence height

The larger the dog, the higher the fence needed. While a low picket fence might be fine for a Jack Russell, a Labrador can easily jump or climb over it.

dog and fence 

Preventing climbing

Wooden or chain link fences are easy for some dogs to climb. Installing a brick or ornamental steel fence can prevent climbing. If you don't want to replace your whole fence, try covering it with rolls of slick bamboo, or adding an extension to the top of the fence angled inwards at 45 degrees.

Preventing chewing

Some dogs can chew through a wooden fence, especially if the palings are old or damaged. Replacing any worn boards and spraying them with vinegar or another bad-tasting substance will train your dog to stay away. Installing a wire, brick or steel fence will also prevent your dog from chewing its way to freedom.

Preventing digging

To stop your doggie digging under the fence to escape, install pavers or large rocks along the fence line. Planting shrubs or placing chicken wire along the fence can also help.

Invisible fencing

An 'invisible' electric dog fence uses an underground wire and a transmitter on your dog€s collar to keep it contained. When your pet approaches the boundary of the yard, the transmitter issues a warning beep. If your dog proceeds beyond the barrier, it receives a light electric shock, stopping it from escaping your property. Invisible fencing can be very effective, and can make your yard seem more open - there are no high fences to spoil the view.

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