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Electric Fences

An electric fence delivers a sharp but harmless electric shock to any person or animal that touches it. These fences are ideal for keeping your livestock or property safe and repelling unwanted intruders.

Uses for electric fencing

Some of the commercial and rural uses of electric fencing are:

  1. Keeping farm animals contained
  2. Keeping predators away from your livestock
  3. Separating pastures for crop rotation
  4. Separating multiple flocks of animals
  5. Providing security for commercial premises
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Advantages over traditional fencing

Because it supplies a physical shock, an electric fence is far more effective deterrent than traditional wire fencing. Animals usually only come into contact with the fence once, so it will last longer than standard wire. Because the shock to your animals is short-lived and harmless, electric fencing is a far safer option than barbed wire, which can cause actually cause physical damage to your livestock. There is no limit to the length of an electric fence, as long as you can supply its power needs.

Types of electric fence

There are three main types of electric fence:

  1. Permanent - this long-term solution is the best option if your electric fencing needs won't change over time. Often used for the outer boundaries of farms or business properties.
  2. Portable - this movable variety is great if your fencing needs are flexible. Portable electric fences can be used to temporarily contain flocks of animals or protect certain areas of land.
  3. Portable offset - this system is installed along your existing fence line. Brackets are used to prevent animals from coming into contact with your original fence.

Installing an electric fence

As electric fencing relies on a shock to deter animals and intruders, it doesn't need to be a particularly sturdy structure so is quite easy to install and maintain. However, we strongly recommend getting a professional to do the job and avoid any nasty shocks.

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