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Pool Fences

You are now legally required to put a fence around your backyard swimming pool, whether children live at your home or not. But thanks to a variety of attractive and innovative fencing solutions, your carefully landscaped pool design doesn't need to suffer.

Here are some tips on ensuring your pool fence is safe and stylish. Pool fence rules Australia has pretty stringent safety standards for pool fencing. You should always check up-to-date legislation with your local council before installing a pool fence, but here are the basic rules to follow:

  1. Choose a fence material that children can't climb
  2. Make sure the fence is at least 1.2m tall
  3. Ensure the gap between any railings or upright posts is less than 10cm. The gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground must also be under 10cm.
  4. All gates must open outwards
  5. Gates must be self-closing and have a self-latching device set at least 1.5m above the ground.
 pool fence

Pool fence design

It's important that a pool fence doesn't give you the feeling of being caged-in or trapped when you're in the pool, and you don't want a fence that will divide or isolate areas of your backyard. Talk to a landscaper or professional fence contractor  about installing the pool fence that will best complement your existing landscape design.

Pool fence materials

Safety is the major concern with pool fencing, but that doesn't mean you're stuck with ugly metal bars. Wrought iron, powder-coated aluminium, colorbond and almost-invisible glass panels are just some of the modern fence materials to ensure your pool is both snazzy and secure.

Further pool fence safety

Pool fencing will deteriorate over time due to age and the elements, so it's important to do a thorough check of your fence at least every 12 months. Remember that a good fence is not a substitute for good supervision. Never leave young children to play unsupervised in the vicinity of a swimming pool.

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