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Wood and Timber Fencing

Wood is a hugely popular fence material in Australia because it is cheap and highly durable. While it's always best to get professional help  with your fencing, here are some basics to consider before installing a timber fence.

Choose the right wood

Pine (softwood) is the cheapest timber fencing option, but tends to shrink in dry weather and swell in the wet. A good fencing contractor will make allowances for this. Pine fencing usually comes pre-treated against insect attack. Hardwood is stronger than pine and absorbs less water so it's not as prone to shrinking and warping. Because hardwood is a scarce natural resource it is more expensive and less environmentally sustainable than pine.

wood fencing 

Wooden paling fences

This classic Aussie timber fence is a cheap and functional choice. Timber palings are available in a range of shapes and sizes, with or without with decorative tops. The palings can be coated with a wide variety of finishes, or left unpainted for a more natural look. Decorative wood fences Picket and decorative wood fences are a great choice if you are looking for a stylish yard boundary. Shaped posts, arches, curves and custom patterns can be added for maximum effect. An experienced fence contractor can choose the decorative fence to best complement your property's architecture.

Soundproof wooden fences

Timber's natural ability to absorb sound makes it an excellent choice for noise reduction. By getting rid of all gaps and using a slightly thicker paling, a fencing contractor can install a sound barrier fence guaranteed to keep the peace in your home or workplace.

Koppers log fences

These cylindrical logs come from sustainable plantation pine and have been treated to last for decades. Already popular in playgrounds and other public spaces, Koppers logs are also perfect for home and business fencing. Their ease of use and a huge variety of purpose-manufactured fasteners make them a fantastic choice for DIY applications.

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