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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is quickly becoming one of the most popular fence types on the market. Its strength, durability and ease of maintenance make it a fantastic fence choice for almost any application. Here are a few of the advantages of vinyl fencing.

Strong and flexible

Vinyl fences are about five times as strong as similar wood fences, and about four times as flexible. This makes them great for protecting your pool, keeping pets contained or as a general-purpose backyard fence. Be wary that cheaper vinyl fencing can become brittle when exposed to extremes of heat and cold over an extended time. Paying a little bit extra for higher-quality, sun-resistant vinyl will ensure your fence stays in top condition forever.

 vinyl fencing

Zero maintenance

Once it's installed, a vinyl fence requires almost no maintenance. It doesn't need to be painted, and will never crack, chip, peel or rot. Under normal circumstances, the only upkeep needed to keep your fence looking brand new is an annual wash with soap and water. Any tough stains can be scrubbed off with steel wool and baking soda.


Vinyl fencing is virtually graffiti-proof. Any unwanted paint-jobs can usually be scrubbed off with minimal effort.

A wise investment

While vinyl fencing has a slightly higher initial cost than other fence types, you will save money in the long run. The reduced cost of painting, repairs and maintenance means that a vinyl fence will end up costing about 1/3 of a similar wood fence over its lifetime.

A fence for life

Most vinyl fence products come with a lifetime guarantee. If you want your next fence to be the last one you'll ever buy, take a look at vinyl fencing.

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