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Wrought iron fencing

Whether you have an old Federation style home or a more contemporary one, wrought iron fencing makes an attractive and practical addition to your property.

While we recommend you get a professional to install wrought iron fencing, here is some basic information on this classic fence type.

The best-looking fence on the market

The main reason people erect a wrought iron fence is for its aesthetic appeal. The handmade bars can be bent into unique, highly customised designs. Creative details such as metal flowers or spirals can be worked in, and there is a variety of interesting post tops to consider. These fences give a feeling of privacy, yet still allow passersby to look in and admire your lawn and garden. 

High security

A wrought iron fence looks pretty, but that doesn't mean it's fragile. The sturdy iron bars are essentially unbreakable. Adding a traditional spiked top to your fence will further enhance security.

wrought iron fencing 

Rust and rustproofing

With proper maintenance a wrought iron fence can last 50 to 60 years, but a bit of care needs to be taken to prevent rusting. Consider your climate and location.

Coastal areas and those with a lot of rainfall will cause a wrought iron fence to rust faster than dry, inland spots.

Fences around a swimming pool are also more prone to rust. Talk to a fencing professional about the various corrosion prevention treatment options available to ensure a long life for your wrought iron fence.

Costs of wrought iron fencing

The main drawback to wrought iron fencing is its price. A good quality fence of this type might cost in the order of $450 per metre, but this can be a good investment when you consider the long life of the product. If the upfront cost is a bit steep to surround your whole yard, then installing a fancy wrought iron gate is an economical way to enhance your home's appearance.

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