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Gardening Checklist

Our gardening checklist will sow helpful seeds whether you’re a green-fingered DIY or using a professional gardener to do the work for you.

Engaging a professional gardener

3 weeks before
  1. Plan/sketch your gardening project • Visit Compare Quotes for three instant online quotes
  2. Conduct reference checks on short-listed gardeners
  3. Choose and book your gardener
2 weeks out
  1. Offer your gardener a chance to assess your garden
  2. Confirm any preparation you need to do
The day before
  1. Clear garden areas
  2. Pack away any hoses/water systems
  3. Purchase plants (unless gardener procuring for you)
On the day
  1. Be at home to meet your gardener • Keep pets inside
  2. Have plants laid out (if you are providing these)
  3. Have a cuppa and watch your dream garden take shape

DIY gardening checklist

Getting started
  1. Know where sun and shade fall in your garden
  2. Plan/sketch planting areas
  3. List your plant preferences
  4. Consider protective fencing
  5. Get to know a great gardening centre
  6. Assess your soil
  7. Identify compost and mulch requirements
  8. Make a seasonal gardening plan
  9. Purchase basic gardening tools including:
    - Spade
    - Fork
    - Hoe
    - Hose
    - Weeder
    - Mulch/soil basket
  10. Prepare garden beds
  11. Purchase chosen plants
  12. Plant according to instructions
Every 1-2 weeks
  1. Mow lawns
  2. Weed
  3. Trim hedges
  4. Check plants for insects/diseases
  5. Water plants
  6. Clean gardening tools
  7. Responsibly dispose of green waste
Every 4-6 months
  1. Rake mulch
  2. Check if hedges need trimming
  3. Service mechanical gardening tools
Every 1-2 years
  1. Prune trees
  2. Check protective garden fences
  3. Spread rich compost
  4. Check soil condition seasonally

DIY gardening needs will depend on your specific gardening project. This checklist is intended as a guide only.

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