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Gardening FAQ

We’ve put together a selection of commonly asked questions to help you find quick, clear answers about gardening.

How much will gardening cost?
That depends on the level of service you need. You may just want to spruce up your yard. Or complete large-scale landscaping. For three instant gardener estimates, try our online quotes.
Should I get a quote?
Yes. Get at least three gardening quotes to compare before hiring. Be sure all quotes are for similar services.
How do I know if my gardening quote is reasonable?
Compare Quotes lets you select your desired level of cost and service. You can source three instant online quotes.
What paperwork is involved?
Your gardener should provide a fully itemised quote, insurance and license documentation.
What should I look for in a gardener?
Seek out a licensed gardener with full insurance and good references. You need to trust their judgement and taste.
What does a professional gardening service include?
This varies between gardening contractors. A complete gardening service covers everything from garden maintenance to landscaping. Confirm your gardener’s list of services before you hire.
Why should I hire a gardener?
If done incorrectly, your garden could quickly wither costing you and the environment dearly. A professional gardener comes with all necessary tools and know-how. Remember a stunning garden boosts property value!
When should I use a gardener?
Whenever you lack time, skill or patience to achieve your desired garden. Should my gardener be insured?
Your gardener should be fully insured with Public Liability and Employer Liability insurance.
Must I be home when the gardeners come?
Not if your gardener is working on areas that don't require access through your home. But many homes have their main garden out back. Unless you trust your gardener with a key, be home.
What should my gardener supply?
Gardeners should provide their own tools and garden waste disposal. Confirm what your gardener supplies before work begins.
What do I do with my pets?
Pets can be distracting. Not to mention their potential to quickly un-do your gardener's good work! Leave your pets indoors while your gardener is working.

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