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Within days your dream garden could be in your back yard. And you don’t even need to get your hands dirty. A professional gardening contractor will quickly transform your outdoors into an oasis. And save you time, skill and patience to boot. Read on for suggestions on choosing the right gardener for your job.

Plan: how will your garden grow?

Know what you want! Gardens can delight senses, offer privacy and attract wonderful plant life.

Perhaps your dream garden just needs regular maintenance. Or you may be starting from scratch. Regardless, plan your gardening project upfront by:

  1. Knowing what purpose your garden will serve
  2. Identifying key gardening tasks required
  3. Listing essential plants
  4. Sketching a plan of desired garden features

Now you can be sure your chosen gardening contractor’s style matches your vision.

Choosing a professional gardener

Begin by getting several quotes from trustworthy gardening contractors. Seek recommendations from family and friends. Or ask potential gardening contractors to supply references.

Be sure to compare apples with apples. All quotes need to be for similar work, materials and services. Compare Quotes offers instant online quotes.

You can also ask potential gardening contractors:

  1. How long they have been in business
  2. Are they certified
  3. Do they carry insurance
  4. Who will be carrying out the work

A professional gardener brings many benefits

Glorious gardens do not grow by chance. Careful landscaping and in-depth plant knowledge are essential seeds. Professional gardeners will achieve your desired garden result. And they will do this more quickly and cheaply than you can. Your gardening contractor will:

  1. Get it right first time
  2. Work quickly
  3. Provide all necessary tools and equipment
  4. Get quality plants at trade prices

Imagine, a heavenly garden without having to pick up a trowel. A professional gardener is your key.

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