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Gardening Tips & Hints

Your garden is the first sight outside your window. Gardening is one of the most important aspects of your home. Not just for beauty but for privacy and living space. So gardening work should be carried out efficiently by a trained professional.

  1. Put word of mouth to work. Ask trusted family and friends for recommended gardeners. Or even your local gardening centre.

  2. Does your gardening contractor have a specialty? You may choose a different contractor for general gardening maintenance than for large-scale landscaping.

  3. Request references from previous clients of your gardening contractor. And call them. Their feedback is a great yardstick for the gardening contractor’s service level.

  4. Inquire if the gardening contractor is certified.

  5. Confirm who will be carrying out your gardening work. If subcontractors are being used, you should carry out similar reference checks as above.

  6. Select a gardening contractor who guarantees their work. This is further assurance of their reliability. And a great safety net if you are not satisfied with the end result.

  7. Ensure your gardening contractor carries full insurance, including public liability and workers compensation.

  8. Know what you are paying for. Ensure your quote covers all costs and itemises all services to be provided. You don’t want your gardener to unearth hidden cost throughout your project. Or provide an incomplete service.

  9. Clarify whether rates vary depending on how frequently you use the gardening service.

  10. Ask about a cancellation policy for regular scheduled gardening services.

  11. ‘Test drive’ your gardening contractor. Give them small jobs to complete. If you are satisfied, give your gardening contractor larger tasks.

  12. Understand the impact of your planned gardening works on the environment. Ask your gardening contractor for their standard operating practice on green waste disposal.

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