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Landscaping: Installing a Wooden Deck

A deck can be a good all-weather alternative to grass or lawn, providing a space for entertaining or just relaxing on.

Decks can be built under cover or completely out in the open. Providing some cover, such as a pergola or roll-out awning, extends the year-long use of your deck.

There are three types of decking to consider when landscaping your block:

  1. Low-level decks: these decks extend out at the level of the floor on flat land, often adding outdoor space to a family room or living area.
  2. Remote decks: Not attached to the house, these are generally around pools, water features, spas, etc.
  3. They can also help retain the soil in such areas, to prevent erosion.
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DIY Wooden Decks

If you get the timbers cut to size for you by one of these chains or by a reputable timber supplier, it can be a satisfying project to build your own flat deck to expand your living space.

Lack of DIY confidence or simply lack of time are other good reasons for calling in expert help.

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