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Installing Synthetic Grass or Turf

You've decided that you want a green area to complement your landscape or garden, but you don't want the hassle of a lawn. You' artificial grass or synthetic grass.

How Easy is it to Install Artificial Grass?

No matter how keen a DYI-er you are, it's not really recommended that you try to lay artificial grass or turf by yourself - even with a few mates to help!

Because of the requirements for a solid under-surface, and the correct infill for the type of fake grass or turf chosen for your particular project, it's best to get a professional to do the job.

Usually the company that manufactures and/or supplies the synthetic grass will quote you on installation and guarantee the life of the finished surface.

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Installation can be done in a surprisingly short space of time, once the under-surface is ready. If you buy a better-quality product, it can be installed over your current lawn, which speeds things up considerably.

In fact, installation can often take as little as one day!

However, most artificial turf has to be installed over a hard surface, such as concrete. So, prior to the turf being laid, you need to completely remove any existing sod and replace with concrete.

Next a 5cm layer of rubber and sand is laid to provide a secure bed for turf so it doesn't shift. This layer also allows water drainage through the turf, so water doesn't pool in wet weather.

Then the turf is rolled out and positioned on top, with its designated fill laid on and the 'grass stems' brushed to stand up and look natural.

All that's left them is to relax and enjoy your new 'lawn'.

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