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Types of Artificial and Synthetic Turf

While synthetic turf was originally designed for sports fields, there is growing popularity for its use in landscaping.

In Australia, artificial grass or synthetic turf is widely used for sports grounds, bowling greens, children's playgrounds and school outdoor assembly areas, even on roundabouts and median strips!

In these uses, a grade of artificial turf specific to the particular need is chosen. There are special types of artificial turf for tennis, cricket, football, rugby, hockey, golf bowls, athletics, and synthetic turf specialists will advise on the correct product for the end use.

Find the right synthetic grass for your project

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Landscaping is another specialised area where artificial or fake grasses and turf have a place.' There are different 'grass' types and surface effects that give the look and feel of natural grass but offer the added benefits of the latest synthetic solutions to provide a realistic looking and comfortable green surface on

Home lawns

  1. Open spaces
  2. Swimming pool surrounds
  3. Balconies

Fake grass types range from rich, lush green lawns, to imitation couch grass to a recently released 'Australian summer' style lawn that looks a bit browned by the hot sun and water restrictions ' without being too dry and dusty!

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