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The Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf

Synthetic or artificial turf, also known as artificial grass or fake grass or turf, refers to a grass-like surface designed to replace natural turf or grass on sports fields and landscaping.

While originally designed for major sports arenas, especially indoor ones where natural grass wouldn't grow well, artificial grass or turf is being used extensively in landscaping for home gardens as well as large civic and commercial buildings

The Advantages of Using Artificial Turf

Synthetic or artificial turf or grass is particularly suitable for large areas of grass, or areas that will receive hard wear from constant traffic.

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Instead of grass that looks brown and withered in summer, thanks to water restrictions, or chopped up and muddy during winter, you will have lush green 'grass' all year round.

Fake grass came to the rescue recently on the set of Channel 7's popular program, 'Packed to the Rafters'.' During filming in early 2009, the front and back yards of the two houses used for the program were so chopped up by the constant foot traffic, the producers had the damaged lawns replaced with artificial turf.

The finished areas looked so good, the director said they had to be 'toned down' during filming to look a bit worn!'

As well as looking good, synthetic grass can dramatically reduce maintenance costs on your lawn area. Chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fertiliser are no longer required and your water costs are drastically reduced.

And for allergy-prone people, there are no more allergy causing grass seeds and cuttings.

Instead of watering, fertilising and mowing, you sweep, vacuum and occasionally disinfect.

Disadvantages of Artificial Grass

Like all good things, there are a few negatives to consider when using artificial turf or fake grass.

  1. Heat: The synthetic surface gets much hotter than natural grass when exposed to the sun. It can get up to 7 degrees C warmer than the surrounding air temperature. This can cause dehydration or heat stroke for people and pets playing or sunbathing on the fake grass, unless they take precautions.
  2. Injuries: The surface underneath is harder than under natural grass, as it is usually concrete, so people or pets can injure themselves more easily when running or playing.' The synthetic grass 'stalks' can cause nasty abrasions or cuts if someone falls. Sports injuries' on synthetic turf are quite common and well-known to sports medical professionals.
  3. Pathogens: Bacteria and viruses that cause illness or infection do not break down naturally on artificial turf as they do on grass, so it must be disinfected periodically.

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