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Tips on door security devices

Studies show that the majority of burglaries happen on doors where there are little to no door security devices installed. You can greatly help to reduce the chance of intruders breaking into your home or office by educating yourself on the most popular and reliable types of door security devices.


Many alarms are available on the market today. The most common is the standard burglar alarm, which usually sends out a silent signal to police or other authorities.


Deadbolts come in both single and double-bolt forms, and are designed to be resistant to impact and picking. Some deadbolts are also designed to stop an intruder from splitting a door frame. These usually hold some form of specialised long screw, capture-key bolt, and possibly a saw-resistant bolt as well.


Other forms of deadbolts include anti-drill deadbolts containing hardened steel chips, as well as specialised dropbolts, rim locks, captured key thumb-turns, hardened cased steel, and bevelled casings.

Door strike reinforcers

These are usually door frame reinforcers made out of metal strips placed vertically on your door frame to prevent delamination, or splitting in two.

Door Chains

Door chains are highly effective and allow the doors to be opened only slightly, even if a lock is picked, through a heavy chain mechanism.

Other internal locks

Other examples of internal locks include sliding bolts, door viewers, hooks, specialty latches, metal blocks or bars, door peep holes or windows, security bars and grates, hinge screws, sliding door stops and locks.

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