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Do your doors need double locks?

Many wonder whether their household doors need double locks. Are they really necessary? Typically, the answer depends on the relative security of the area or building where you live. Some people will need double locks and higher security for doors. Others may not. The following article offers some tips on double locks for doors, and will help you determine if you need to consult a locksmith for your safety needs.

What are double locks?

Before installing double locks, you should know what they are. The first lock is usually a part of a central handle system. The second lock is usually a dead bolt that only opens and locks from the inside. Many newer homes automatically come with double locks on all doors.

Major security

If you live in a dangerous neighbourhood or a city, you may want to consider installing double locks. If you live in a safe neighbourhood, or a remote country home, they may not be as necessary. However, many safer neighborhoods are the target for burglary, so it may be a good idea to install double locks no matter what.

Simply stated, double locks are best

Secondary locks on all your doors will decrease the likelihood of burglaries and thefts. The bottom line is that if your doors are not double-locked, they may not be secure.

door locks

Other ways to secure doors

In addition to installing double-locks, make sure to check all window and door locks before going to bed or leaving the house. Make sure to lift the door handle and double-lock the door with a key. This will ensure that the double lock security features are fully engaged.

Consider installing double locks on doors outside your main home. Garden sheds, garage doors and gates should also be doubly-secured.

For more advice on how to professionally install double locks on doors, compare quotes on professional locksmiths today!

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