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Tips on installing a safe in your home

Installing a safe in your home is an excellent way to protect your most valued possessions. There are several things to consider when installing a home safe, and you may even want to consult a professional locksmith to do the job for you. Below you€ll find some basic tips on how to install a safe in your home.

Where to put a safe?

Decide where you want the safe to be placed. Many safes are extremely heavy, and you will not want to move it once placed. Also, be careful to check weight specifications as you will want to be aware of how much weight the floor, or location, can bear. Be aware of the location of floor joists for optimal placement.

Consult a locksmith

Before buying a safe, consult a professional locksmith to determine the best size and model for your belongings.


Before installing

Clear the room where the safe will be located to make installation safer and easier. Check for potential installation problems such as narrow walkways, vulnerable marble countertops, or winding staircases. Plan the route that your safe will take from the outside to its destination in your home.

Installing your home safe

Take precaution to move the safe into your vehicle using the appropriate tools, such as a dolly. Have enough manpower on hand not to hurt yourself. Dropping a safe can seriously, if not fatally, injure someone. Experts, such as locksmiths, can help make the process more streamline

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