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Types of popular door and window locks

Wondering what type of locks to use on your door and windows at home or in the office? This overview of popular types of door and window locks will make shopping for locks a breeze!

Pivot Hinge Lock

This lock is used on doors where you want the lock itself to be hidden. They mount on the top and bottom of the door, leaving only a smaller metal hinge exposed at the top.

Butt Hinge Lock

A lock between the frame and butt of the door, with a small hinge pin exposed on the inner edge of the door. A loose pin is removable for easy access.

chain lock

Keyed Locks

Locks that require a key insertion in both sides of the lock, or on the inside or outside of door.

Crescent Sash Lock

Using tight crescent-shaped sash lock on interior window, keeps them from being opened from the outside.

Cam Action Sash Lock

Ideal for tightly locking windows that you want to prevent being opened from the outside.


A lock that can€t be opened except by rotating a lock cylinder. The most common types of deadbolts include single cylinder deadlocks, double cylinder deadlocks, classroom function thumb-turn locks, exit-only deadbolts, pushbutton mechanical and electrical deadbolts.

Spring-bolt lock

Uses a spring to hold a bolt in place, allowing opening by applying force to the bolt itself.

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