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Locksmiths provide a wide range of specialist services.  Here we’ve put together a collection of frequently asked questions to help and guide you.

What does a locksmith do?
Locksmiths are skilled tradespeople that specialise in security.  They offer a range of products and services to suit home owners, commercial premises, vehicle security and disability access.
When should I call a locksmith?
Locksmiths handle emergency situations and spare keys ... but there’s more to what they do than that.  For example, you’ll need a locksmith if you are building or renovating, moving home or premises, purchasing a safe or installing an alarm.
How do I choose a locksmith?
The most important factors in selecting a locksmith are training, experience and trust.  You may also feel more confident about using a police-checked MLAA member.
What should I look for in a locksmith?
Apart from trust, most people look for a swift response, reliable advice and value for money in their locksmith.
Are locksmiths available 24 hours?
Many locksmiths provide an on call emergency service.  This is usually at premium cost, so be sure about how urgent your job is before you phone.
Do locksmiths usually deal with cars?
Most locksmiths can cut replacement keys for common vehicles.  Modern cars often have specialty keys and programming that requires special equipment.  Check with your locksmith if they have this available.
Will my locks be damaged?
Your locksmith should make every effort not to cause unnecessary damage to your locks or your property.  In most cases there won’t be any evidence you’ve needed a locksmith.
Do locksmiths install window locks?
Yes, absolutely.  Using a locksmith for your window locks will ensure you get the right product, properly installed and common keyed.  Easy.
Do locksmiths install security bars and grills?
Many locksmiths handle a range of home and business security products, including bars and grills.  It’s worth using a specialist here who can offer a secure product that’s safe for exit in an emergency situation.
What about safes?
Locksmiths can assist with advice, installation and emergency access to your safe.
What do I do after a burglary?
It’s usually best to contact the police first.  This allows for a proper crime scene investigation before the locksmith begins your repairs.
How long will it take before the locksmith arrives?
Depending on your location, a locksmith can usually be with you within 15-60 minutes of your call.
Will the job get finished in one visit?
Usually, yes, although sometimes the job requires special equipment your locksmith may need to order.
How much does it cost to get a locksmith out?
This depends largely on your location and the time of day.  However, a good locksmith will provide a firm cost estimate over the phone.  That way there’s no nasty surprises.
Is there a call-out charge?
Not usually, although do check with your chosen locksmith.
How long will the job take?
Most emergency locksmith jobs (such as lockouts and stuck keys) are completed within minutes.  Your locksmith should provide a timeframe for planned jobs like fitting new locks or installing security.
Do locksmiths deal with access control and electronic locks?
Yes, this includes intercoms, control instruments and electronic locking devices.
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