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Locksmiths have indispensible specialist skills. While shopping around for quotes may seem practical, it can be worth taking the time to be sure you hire someone that you are confident you can trust.

Choosing a locksmith

Selecting your locksmith is about more than just price. There are important factors to consider, such as reputation, trust and reliability. The task you need the locksmith to complete can also impact your decision. For example, there is a big difference between cutting spare house keys and installing security equipment.

Allay any concerns you may have by checking whether the locksmith is a member of the Master Locksmith Association or has a shopfront and landline. Always ask for a quote and be sure your estimate is provided by a qualified locksmith.  Compare Quotes offers instant online quotes from quality checked locksmiths.

Get the product that suits you best

Quality locksmiths deal with a wide range of security products. From padlocks to entry sets, deadlocks, safes and complete security systems. Ask your locksmith for qualified advice on the best solution for your particular need. A good locksmith will have access to various brands and products. They are in the best position to make a recommendation about quality, performance and value.

Other factors impacting on selection of locksmith

Always try and use a locksmith with an established business and reputation. Be sure that any employees who may gain access to your home or business are properly qualified and supervised.

Do consider insurance too. For example, are you covered for damage that occurs while work is underway or if you suffer a loss as a result of faulty installation?

Check the locksmith’s MLAA status. The Master Locksmith Association of Australia has stringent membership entry and tests independently for trade competence. All members are police and national security register checked.

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