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Locksmiths Tips and Hints

Use these tips and hints to select a locksmith with complete confidence.

  1. An annual security audit of your home or business is a good idea.  This will capture any change in your circumstances, worn locks, faulty security equipment etc.
  2. If you ever need to make swift repairs after a break-in, you’ll need a locksmith who offers emergency and after hours service.  A lockout or break-in can happen any time of the day so a 24 hour service is best.  Check this before you put the magnet on the fridge.
  3. If possible, obtain a price list for emergency locksmith services.  This could help you decide whether a security breach warrant an immediate locksmith call or can wait for normal business hours.
  4. You should check the range of services your locksmith offers.  Are they window or door specialists or do they handle complete security systems.
  5. Ask your locksmith if they use and recommend particular brands or products ... and why.
  6. Choose a locksmith who offers free, no-obligation quote on requests.  This is a good indication of their level of interest in satisfying your needs.  So that you compare apples with apples, obtain several similar before you compare quotes.
  7. Be sure your estimate is provided by a suitably qualified locksmith and specifies the product and brand they recommend.  This is most important when comparing quotes.
  8. Longevity can be a good indicator of a sound business.  So try and use a locksmith that has been around for a while.  Established businesses are often members of the local Chamber of Commerce or other business networks.
  9. Sometimes local traders get together and use the one locksmith.  You can usually be surer of cost and reliability when you choose a locksmith most people trust their business to.
  10. Always check for Master Locksmith Association of Australia (MLAA) membership.  MLAA has stringent conditions for membership, including police checks on members.  And you may have some recourse if something goes wrong.
  11. Ask whether you locksmith carries insurance and whether this extends to damage during installation or your loss due to faulty workmanship.
  12. If your locksmith has staff, be sure about who will be completing the work and whether they are properly certified.  It’s your home or business, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  13. If in doubt, ask the Locksmith for references.  This shouldn’t be a problem for a competent outfit.  Also, ask people you trust which Locksmith they use.
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